From golf to blog . . .

Good morning–I was thinking about telling my sister about my new blog.

She likes books, too—and her link with buttons is that she recently gave

me our mother’s old button box. (more about that later).

But what she really likes is golf.  I was thinking how she might like to

go from golf to a blog.  And THEN I was wondering how many steps it

would take to go from the word GOLF to the word BLOG.   Can you do it

by changing just one letter each time?  I started with

  • GOLF
  • WOLF

And got to BLOG in 12 steps.  Tune in next time for the answer, my way.


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1 Response to From golf to blog . . .

  1. Meegan says:

    How about…
    glup (yes, this is cheating)

    How did you do it?

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