books I’m reading . .

OK, I finished Jane Eyre—just as good as it was when I was fourteen.

Also finished The Other Side of the Bridge—-great!  If you’re in a book
club, I highly recommend it——–hard to put it down once you’ve
started reading it.  Two brothers growing up in northern Canada.  By
Mary Lawson—-good writer!  She also wrote Crow Lake, which I’ll
read someday.

So now I’m reading How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read by
Pierre Bayard.  Ho-ho-ho—-what a lark.  The author is a lit professor
—often his students haven’t read the assigned books—etc.  But it
isn’t all light and fluffy—references to Montaigne, Proust–quite
fascinating really.  To be continued . . .

Next post will be about my 2011 Summer Reading Plan and how that’s
going along.  Bye!

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