more about summer reading list

Thank you, Catherine, for your comment.  I’ll be interested to
read your review of The Other Side of the Bridge.

Last night I decided to get busy on my “summer reading list”
since the days of August are fast a-flying away.

So! Frankenstein!

I bought a copy at a favorite used bookstore this spring and it’s
been patiently waiting atop a pile of books in my library–near the
old red chair.

I picked it up and began to look over the cover, flip through the
pages idly, and . . .

Wait a minute–what’s that little book on top of the pile now?
I picked it up and read a bit of the blurbs on the back—-ah!–a
memoir of a girl growing up in the 1950’s in Manhattan—in a
restaurant family!   Does it get any better than this?

If there’s one thing I like, it’s a memoir!  Note to self—write
a post soon about favorite memoirs.

And so, now I’m in the middle of Stuffed and enjoying
every minute.   The summer reading list is on the back burner.

Has anyone read Stuffed?  Want to talk about it?

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