More about Genghis Khan (3)

Ah, I’ve broken through page 100!!

“To the west of the Jurched were the kingdoms of the Tangut, then
the Uighur, and finally, in the Tian Shan mounts, the Black Khitan.”

Do you see what I’m up against here?  I wonder how the book club
buddies are getting along with this book . . .

Highlight of today’s reading makes me think twice about the cleverness
of Genghis Khan’s military ruses.  He’s spent a few pages trying to conquer the Jurched.  He starts a rumor that the Mongols will supposedly retreat from a city they’ve conquered if the Jurched residents will give them a large number of cats and birds as booty.

So the citydwellers gather the “booty” and hand it over.  After receiving all the birds and animals, the Mongols attach burning torches and banners to their tails and then release them back into the city—and set it on fire.

Maybe “highlight” isn’t the right word.

One hundred seventy-one pages to go.

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