Book Club Choices Part 2

Ready for the next 17 choices??  Maybe you can get some idea of
our members by the variety of books they’ve suggested . . .

Freedom                                                         Jonathan Franzen
The Glass Castle                                            Jeanette Walls
The Great Train Robbery                            Michael Crichton
The Help                                                         Kathryn Stockett
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter
and Sweet                                                        James Ford
The Innocence of Father Brown                 G.K.Chesterton

Little Bee                                                          Chris Cleave
Lolita                                                                 Vladimir Nabokov
Lord Minimus                                                  Nick Page
Losing Nelson                                                  Barry Unsworth
Madame Bovary                                              Gustave Flaubert

Middlesex                                                          Jeffery Eugenides
The Monster of Florence                                Preston and Spezi
The Mysteries of Beethoven’s Hair               Russell Martin
New York Echoes                                              Warren Adler
Old School                                                          Tobias Wolfe
Priceless                                                              Robert K. Whittman

There! They are almost lined up correctly.  Vote for 4!

Will you be allowed to choose more from one list than another?  Yes.
But start out by trying to choose 4 from each post.  Good luck!

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