Book Club Choices Part 3 (final)

There’s a bit of my red chair in the corner there.  That’s
where I’ll be reading most of the book club books this
year—especially in the winter time . . .

You are holding up well under this strain of choosing books.
Only 4 more to choose, from this final list of 17 books–the
suggestions from our worthy book club members . . .

Reading Lolita in Tehran                              Azar Nafisi
The Red and the Black                                    *        Stendahl
Saving the World                                            Julia Alvarez
Schulz and Peanuts                                        David Michaelis
Simple Genius                                                 David Baldacci
A Suitable Boy                                                 Seth Vikram

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie     Alan C. Bradley
Thirteen Moons                                               Charles Frazier**

This Boy’s Life                                                  Tobias Wolfe
The Third Man                                                  Graham Greene
Tropic of Cancer                                               Henry Miller

Waiting for Snow in Havana                          Carlos Eire
Watership Down                                               Richard Adams
When the Crocodile Eats the Sun                  Peter Godwin
Whirlwind                                                           James Clavell ***
Who Has Seen the Wind                                  W.O. Mitchell
The World Without Us                                     Alan Weisman

*Big prize if you can give Stendahl’s first name . . .

**I wonder if it’s as good as Thirteen Moons by James Thurber . . .

***I believe James is related to Miss Clavell in the Madeleine books . . .

Now you’ve seen the whole list of 51 books–good grief.  Find your
very best 12.  I’ve selected mine, but I’m not letting you in on that
secret for a while, oh, no, no, no.

What should you do with your list?  Well, if you have time, I’d love to
hear from you—-email: booksandbooks (at)  — or just go
ahead and read them!   I’ll be talking about some of them as the
book club reads them–and you can join in, too.

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  1. Catherine says:

    That room looks really cozy! I hope you get to read in there a lot!

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