Book Club Choices

My book club is in the throes of deciding which books to select
to read next year.  We meet all twelve months of the year so we
need 12 books.

Your mission, “should you choose to accept it”, will be to choose
the 12 books YOU would select . . . the members have chipped in
with suggestions and we have a hearty list of 51 to choose from.
Which ones would you pick?

So that this doesn’t get too unwieldy, I’ll list 17 books each time.
If you choose 4 from each post, then we’ll have 12, won’t we.

I realize you might not be familiar with some—but go ahead and
humor me, play the game.  If nothing else, maybe it will remind
you of a book you’ve been meaning to read.

List # 1

All Quiet on the Western Front                       Erich Maria Remarque
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier
and Clay                                                                Michael Chabon
American Rust                                                    Philipp Meyer
The Appeal                                                           John Grisham
The Bluest Eye: a Novel                                    Toni Morrison
Built to Last                                                         Jim Collins
Caleb’s Crossing                                                  Geraldine Brooks

The Catcher in the Rye                                      J.D. Salinger
Cold Mountain                                                    Charles Frazier
The Confessions of St. Augustine                    St. Augustine
Crow Lake                                                            Mary Lawson
A Cure to Die For                                                Stephen G Mitchell

Cyrano de Bergerac                                            Edmond Rostand
The Devil in the White City                              Erik Larson*
The Dress Lodger                                               Sheri Holman
Fahrenheit 451                                                    Ray Bradbury
Frankenstein                                                       Mary Shelley

*No relation to Mary Lawson above . . .

OK, what if you HAD to choose 4?

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2 Responses to Book Club Choices

  1. booksilver says:

    Hm… We read Michael Chabon’s memoir on fatherhood and found it really good.

  2. Thanks for comment—I’ll consider that choice.

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