Relax! Take 20 minutes for this fashion show!

Tired of the rain?  Tired?  Need some mindless entertainment?

Check out this fashion show and have some fun looking at
some great outfits!

Just Google “Michelle Obama’s effortless style” and learn about
the year’s events and what she wore.  Not always designer
fashions either—  I like the way the selections fit the
occasions—-just like the Barbie fashions used to do in
the early years of Barbie.   (Think “picnic” Barbie, and “prom”
Barbie.  Those outfits were made by real designers, too.)

Well, when you Google the phrase above, select the first
choice that you’re given in the list, then a small photo
will come up and there’s your chance to hit “launch” to
start the slideshow.

There are 51 photos in the 2011 show.  Then when that’s
finished, you’ll notice that there are 3 more years listed
above.  Those don’t have as many photos—but still interesting.

And somewhere floating around on the
web is a series that shows all the former First Ladies—and
what they wore—I think it’s kind of a guessing game.
Have you seen that one?  I’ve forgotten how I found it . . .

If you like clothes and fashion, I think you’ll have fun with
this show.

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