On the way to a button post . . .

October 3, 2011

“O suns and skies and clouds of June
And flowers of June together . . .
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October’s bright blue weather!”

(thanks to Helen Hunt Jackson    1830-1885)

My fourth grade class memorized that poem–(thank you,
Miss Walker).  I like to trot out that verse every October to
anyone who will listen.

I don’t have a button post quite organized in my mind yet, so
I thought I’d give you a post showing the graphics on old
snap fastener packaging.

(Wait for applause . . .)

Cheer up—at least there will be pictures.

The first one is from “Boye”—clever cards shaped like trousers:

And the reverse has advertising—using every space
—-see how diligently the woman checks the smoothness
of the crochet hook—with a magnifying glass!

Next photo belongs to Woolco—that’s not an alien in
the center photo–it’s explaining a gimmick to line up
the snaps when you’re sewing them.  Neat graphics.

Wilsnap is nice an easy–Snap! it stays.

I’m fond of the next one, though it’s NOT my favorite.
That’s coming up soon . . .  But the company “SO-E-Z,”
get it?   So Easy, or maybe Sew Easy.  Got to love the
turtle.  Which one’s your favorite so far?

Below “Her Majesty”, with French proverbs on the
trademark emblem.   “Honi soit qui mal y pense”–which
is the motto of the Order of the Garter.  “Evil to him
who evil thinks”.  ( Kind of heavy for a sewing basket.)

Still, the kangaroo is cheery.  And they were so busy
printing out the French motto, that they forgot to
advertise on the back.

Easy one next-

OK, here it is—my favorite!  Koh-i-noor-
“Good bye old Hook & Eye”

Can you see it?  Can you see her wink?  It’s a snap!
How cute is that?  Do you still like the turtle better?

Here’s a boxful that you could buy in the old days:

And when I opened it I found two old black glass
buttons!  So it IS a button post!

Boring old bags of snaps to buy in bulk these days:

Will start finishing up (in case I still have a reader),
with 4 packs from the 40’s and 60’s:    (priced 10 cents
to 60 cents)

And a modern group priced from 65 cents to
ones I bought recently for $2.29.  Oh, for the
good old days when snaps were 10 cents.

Thus! The History of Packaging of Snap Fasteners!

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4 Responses to On the way to a button post . . .

  1. booksilver says:

    Wonderful post!

    My favorite is Corona (why all the regal names, I wonder: did Kings and Queens use a lot of snaps for their ermine?!). I like the — — — magnetic — — — lines around the snap. I’d be a little leery of wearing those snaps for fear that their “magnetic spring” would attract loose paper clips, etc. to my shirt every time I bent over the desk.

    I also like the “mosaic” effect of the first WIlco packet. It reminds me of all the subway stations that use those mosaic tiles. Maybe they were from the same era. Do you have any sense of the dates of some of those early cards?

    The later ones are clearly just quotidian in comparison with the nice early ones. Alas! our romance with snaps is over.

    • The early cards might date to the 1920’s or so I’d guess.
      Love the image of the paper clips flying through the air toward you at your desk! Might
      not be good at airport screening areas either!

  2. Caty says:

    I must admit, I liked the turtle one the best!

  3. Scott says:

    Me, too. Great run of historical fasteners. Thanx.

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