The Antique Mall

Today I took a trip to a nearby Antique Mall.  I was looking for buttons.

The sign outside said that there are 100 dealers.  Could be, because the place was really big.

What do you like to look for?  This place had an emphasis on “vintage”, like 1930-1960,  rather than really old, old.  But there were lots of fun items and it offered a good trip down memory lane.

How would you like to cheer up your kitchen?  Can’t beat a red and yellow theme!  (“Red and yellow, catch a fellow”)  These homey kitchen items are right out of a 1940’s, 1950’s kitchen.

Another whole wing!  A million more booths to see!  This place was amazing.  I ran out of time before I ran out of curiosity.

And what did I buy?  No buttons (sniff, sniff), but 3 neat Trixie Belden books!   Got to love the 1950’s girl mystery books!

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