Journey to a Thrift Shop

Another beautiful October day!
A friend said she would show me an out-of-the-way
Thrift Shop.  She was right about the o-o-t-w part!

On the way, we stopped at a lovely old covered bridge.
Pennsylvania has 197 of them,  and this one is sort of nearby.

It looked so pretty with the fall foliage.  And it’s a working
bridge, open to traffic, built in 1842.

Next we stopped at an old inn for lunch.  My friend had pork and spaetzle with red cabbage, I had a salad with medium rare steak slices.  A nice treat!

We stopped one more time—couldn’t resist gazing long
distances over Pennsylvania farmland.  There was even a tractor
way, way in the distance cutting hay.

Then after hill and dale, and dale and hill, we got to the promised
Thrift Shop.  It is huge!  And like the Smithsonian, would take more
than a day to do!

When I walked in the first shop (there are several, you see) I saw an
older lady with a great spider on her head!  I asked her where she got it
and she told me her sister had given it to her.  I looked around and sure
enough, there was a look-alike lady across the room with a spider on HER head.  She kindly posed for a photo–

Ready for Halloween!

The next two hours (!) were spent “shopping”.  And what did I buy?

I bought some cute fabric,  . . .and buttons.

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