Your hairstyle——-60% !!!!

Did you know that 60% of people’s first impression of you is of your hairstyle?

60%!!   Clothes don’t matter–you could wear a tent–people look at your hair!

When I heard that I knew I should do something to change my hair.  Because I don’t
think I’m getting my 60% worth.

Like you, I can never decide if I should wear it long and glamorous, or short and
snappy.  It always seems to end up in the middle somewhere, doing nothing, not
earning its keep.  I decided to change the color since I couldn’t grow it out right
away overnight.

And as luck would have it—–I have in my possession this nice tin of HENNA powder which someone left in our attic when we bought this house.  I never throw anything away, and this is proof in itself how handy a thing can be at the right time.  What if I had thrown
it out?

It’s like this Barbie that was also in the attic:

She’s a wreck, and the kids won’t play with her because her joints are all funny, and
she’s not pretty in a Disney gown.  But I keep her (I don’t throw anything away.)  Come
to think of it, maybe her hair could use a color treatment too . . .

Back to the “product” (hairdressers always ask if you need any “product” when you’re
checking out)–It says HENNA on the label and says that it “Gives hair a beautiful

HENNA, AUBURN OR TITIAN COLOR                 adds body and shine

And it’s 100% PURE HENNA.  Made by Nestle.  So you know it’s got to be good.
Not exactly sure what “henna” is but there seems to be a lot of promise in this little
tin.  I read it again—gee, sounds nice.

There were detailed directions on the side—well, sort of detailed if you don’t count
where the words were erased by rust and chipping.  Looks like someone had a tussle
with this can long before I got to it.

I might have missed an important point or two—but went ahead with the process last
night.  “Make a paste . . .”   After a couple of hours I was finished.

And I see by my hair this morning that my hair is finished, too—-pretty much black all over.  And most of it gone!  (no photo)   Do you think the chemicals were too old, spoiled?

On closer inspection of the tin—which I wish I had done earlier—I see that we can’t
really see the result on the model—

Where IS her hair?  What in heck is that on her head?  a bird?  Where am I going to
get a bird like that?  What color did her hair turn out to be?   I think this Egyptian Henna
product is one big scam.

A bird?

You know what?  I’m going to turn over a new leaf—might as well get organized–I
certainly can’t leave the house for a month or so til my hair grows back in–  or it will
be 98% of first impression—–all bad!!

I’m going to THROW OUT the tin!   And the Barbie, too!

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    LOVE your blog! Poor Barbie, I think her legs and arms look henna’d too. I’m copying your book club selections and will look a few up at my local used book store. I’m a new subscriber on Follow, looking fwd to new posts.

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