December’s Birthdays

What a month of birthdays!

I’m sure you have favorite writers—but do you know when to
send them a birthday card?  When to invite them over for cake?

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Here’s a handy list for December . . .

December 3                   Joseph Conrad
December 5                   Christina Rossetti

December 6                   Sylvia Townsend Warner; Ira Gershwin (♫)
December 7                   Willa Cather
December 10                 Emily Dickinson; Rumer Godden
December 12                 Gustave Flaubert
December 14                 Shirley Jackson

December 15                  Maxwell Anderson; Edna O’Brien
December 16                  Jane Austen; Noel Coward
December 18                  H.H.Munro (Saki)
December 19                  Honor Tracy

December 25                  William Wilkie Collins-nope, my bad–his is January 8th!

December 26                  Henry Miller
December 30                  Rudyard Kipling

Try to name a title, or a poem or a play to match the writer . . .

Put a checkmark next to the ones you’ve read.

Choose a writer to read, or reread, in December.
Celebrate books.

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1 Response to December’s Birthdays

  1. Jennifer says:

    Christina Rosetti wrote a great poem about birthdays… maybe I should find it and re-read it on December 5th.

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