National Button Week part 4

Welcome back to National Button Week!

Today the specialty is HATS.  Some button collectors like to zero in on certain themes
or topics for collecting.  They might collect foxes, or horses, or dogs, or pineapples, etc.
And there are plenty of buttons made in all sorts of topics, believe me.  The collecting term is “realistics” or formerly known as “goofies”.   They have surges in popularity and then, another type of button becomes the hot item.

I’m not pursuing any real themes (yet) but I have found a little array of hats which I’ll share with you.  And I’ll also need your HELP later in the post.

First, here’s my favorite–and finally, THIS is the button I’m taking to the desert island (I keep wanting to type in dessert–I wonder why . . .).  This button is my favorite hat—and do you see the polka dot ribbon streamers??  How wonderful is that?


If it weren’t for the upcoming quiz, you could quit reading right now, because you’ve seen the best hat already.  Still, here’s a cute Alpine green hat–smaller than a dime, plastic,


Of course there’s a story behind each button and where I found it and so forth and that’s half the fun, but you’re busy today, so I’ll save that for another time . . .

This hat is cute—what’s not to like about a red hat?–but difficult to photograph

sitting on a dime; ©booksandbuttons

and then finally a cute cowboy hat:


Do you see the problem with this photo?  It’s flat–nobody will say–“cute!”  So, I took some photos with other backgrounds and YOU get to decide which one I should keep in the blog post.  The plain, above, or the one on the peppers?

cowboy hat on peppers; ©booksandbuttons

or the one on the western theme fabric?

cowboy hat on western fabric; ©booksandbuttons

or the hat on the bandana?

cowboy hat on bandana; ©booksandbuttons

Now somewhere below there should be a place for your to leave a comment—or in this case, a vote—might be a box for a comment—or sometimes a PALE wishy-washy light blue “comment” word.   I’ll know you’ll find it.  So, look over the cowboy hat choices and let me know your favorite please.  (If I get any response at all, I’ll let you know!)

Til then—keep button collecting at the top of your priorities.

realistic hat buttons; ©booksandbuttons

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6 Responses to National Button Week part 4

  1. Anonymous says:

    I vote for the chilie peppers fabric for the blue cowboy hat; it just seems to be the right shade of blue, and I love the orangy red with the blues. It immediately reminded me of the Southwest. And, they had cowboys there! Please tell us the stories of how each button was found, etc — we want to know! (Your stories and writing are the best). I would also love to know — do you think the ladies’ hat buttons actually were used, like on dresses and blouses? I think that would be quite stunning!

  2. Yea! a vote!! appreciate your interest–thanks.

  3. Scott says:


  4. bandanalover says:

    Looks good on the bandana, nice contrast; my vote. Bandanalover

  5. booksilver says:

    I vote for the chilis! Great color —

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