National Button Week part 5

Today we’ll check out buttons in the Art Deco style.

group of Art Deco buttons; ©booksandbuttons (Click to enlarge)

The name itself comes from the 1925 Paris Exhibition of Decorative and Industrial Arts—
“des Arts Decoratifs”.   It was a new style “moderne” with sleek linear designs as opposed to the earlier elaborate curves and heavy decorations of Victorian times.

The Art Deco period was most popular in the 1930’s.  Simple, but dramatic designs in buttons were an inexpensive way to decorate women’s clothing during these lean years.

Black, brown, cream, and white were the colors most commonly used, but later, colored buttons also had the Art Deco markings.  Most of the buttons were made of glass. Celluloid,  Bakelite, metal, chrome and even wood were also used.

large Bakelite Art Deco button; ©booksandbuttons

two typical small celluloid Art Deco buttons; ©booksandbuttons

blue glass spider web Art Deco button;©booksandbuttons

Art Deco ply button;©booksandbuttons

The button above, is one of my favorites.  I think it’s Bakelite.  I’ve tilted it up so you can see its three-ply construction.  (Do you care?)  I love this button.  It reminds me of piano keys.

This next one is glass and probably the fanciest one in the group.  It’s called pine cone and has a carnival glass feel about it.

glass pinecone button;©booksandbuttons

And finally, a sweet–if Art Deco can be sweet–early plastic blue button with concentric circles, off center—perfect!

blue plastic Art Deco button; ©booksandbuttons

Art Deco buttons are fun to collect, and they are easy to find and inexpensive to buy.  Maybe you’ll start your button collection with Art Deco buttons . . .

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