National Button Week part 6

It’s the penultimate day of National Button Week!  And for a special treat today, I’m going off the button path (get it? beaten path?) . . . and featuring a class of buttons that I made up in my own mind.  Glitzy buttons.

Whilst collecting and sorting buttons, it’s always fun to happen upon a “glitzy” one—might have been used on a really good suit—or a nice ballgown or party dress.  You decide where you would use it.  (Where ARE those old ballgowns anyway?)

One of my favorites—desert island type—is this white one with corded fabric and real Swarovski crystals and came from the Oscar de la Renta House of fashions.  It’s a little over an inch in diameter.

Oscar de la Renta button; ©booksandbuttons

It’s a more modern button—50’s? 60’s? and has a nice back:

I promise I won’t bore you with any more “backs”—a branch of collecting in itself!

And another fine specimen from O de la R is this one–with fabric in the center–also larger than an inch, and pretty classy.


I call this one the “telephone” button–so-so glitz and glamour . . .

And next glitzy center, too:

Three “ruby glitz”:


What do you know about Bimini?  Bimini glass?  Well, they made buttons, too and even though I said we were through with “backs”, I’m just going to say that the back of a Bimini button should have a flowerpot and England stamp.  (Mine does.)

Bimini button; ©booksandbuttons

Cute little turquoise ball button with inset turquoise rhinestones . . .can’t get this to line up correctly, so with your marking pen, please draw a line from this caption to the button below on the coral background.  (!!)

And next, a modern one that you can buy right now at the button counter—LaMode button.
Cute! Glitzy!

LaMode button

And finally, a sweet fluffy large button full of sequins and netting and of course, a rhinestone!  Probably from the 1950s.  I love it.


That’s all folks.  Tune in tomorrow for some more of my favorites.  Thanks for your patience.

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2 Responses to National Button Week part 6

  1. Bay! says:

    I like that white Oscar de la Renta button! It looks like it has a nice texture and is very sparkly! It must have gone on a very fancy article of clothing.

  2. thanks, Bay–I love that one, too!

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