update on cowboy button vote! Monday March 19–

one vote for the chili peppers
two votes for the bandana
and one vote (anonymous through an email) for
the cowboy fabric.

I’m referring to the post “National Button Week part 4”  about
the hat buttons . . .you can vote, too!

yes, you can send me an email: booksandbooks#comcast.net —
(I’m substituting the # for the @ so spam can’t pick up my line here)

and yes, it’s booksandbooks, for the email, not booksandbuttons.

Also want to mention—some of you are “followers” of the blog and
that’s fine—but you’ll have an easier time reading the posts if you go directly to the
site—that way the photos come up without you having to click on them to open them. I
think it depends on what computer you’re using to read the posts.  Still, easier to go
directly to the post and just use the email as a notification that there’s a new post.

thanks for your following–

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2 Responses to update on cowboy button vote! Monday March 19–

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I wish to change my vote! I just heard a cowboy song, something about being out on the range, and I thought of the blue button and the RED Bandana! Please change my vote to red bandana … they just go together better than my previous vote for the chili peppers. We can change our votes I hope … the polling place is still open!

  2. yes, polls are still open! your change of vote has been “recorded”.
    the bandana votes are pulling ahead!

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