April Literary Birthdays

Frankly, and I’ll admit, I AM a little bit late and ALREADY missed Edmond Rostand’s
birthday on the FIRST—-what a card—born on April Fool’s Day—and then writing Cyrano de Bergerac———–gotta love him . . .

But, again, frankly, for the most part, pour le plupart, the April birthday people are a bunch of stick-in-the-muds.

So, I’ll cheer you on with some April photos, starting with my dog Woody, who had a big day today—-a bath and a vet appointment for his shots!  He was plenty happy to get home.

our dog, Woody ©booksandbuttons

And how do you like our PJ Rhododendron?

PJ Rhododendron ©booksandbuttons

The flowering quince is too much of a hot dog in my opinion—much too showy for lovely quiet April—but–it’s in the yard, and lets me postpone listing the April celebrants a minute longer, so here goes:

flowering quince

OK, here’s the list of April celebrants—brief, and only a couple who aren’t stick-in-the-muds:

April 1                                  Edmund Rostand
April 3                                  Washington Irving
April 7                                  William Wordsworth
April 15                                Henry James (see I told you)
April 16                                 Anatole France
April 18                               Isak Dinesen and Thornton Wilder (apologies)
April 21                                Charlotte Brontë  (finally!)
April 22                               Henry Fielding (ok, I’ll admit I hated to finish Tom Jones) and
Vladimir Nabokov  (jury is out)
April 23                                William Shakespeare
April 24                                 Anthony Trollope  (can’t all be flops)
April 26                                 Anita Loos  (for the fun of it)

I’ll let some sweet faced pansies say farewell:

pansies April 2012

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2 Responses to April Literary Birthdays

  1. booksilver says:

    Hey, what’s wrong with Wordsworth and James?!

    Your dog Woody is darling. What does he like better, books or buttons?

  2. Re: Wordsworth and James—I was just seeing if you were paying attention. I’ll give you the point on Wordsworth, but James and I don’t see eye to eye.
    Woody likes bones best. bones and bones in that order.

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