April Flea Market

Saturday was a perfect day weatherwise—–but ANY day is perfect for a trip to the
local flea market!

Double click any photo to enlarge . . .

I looked and found a perfect hat!

I looked and found a perfect handbag to go with it . . .

But I didn’t buy either one.   One table had a bunch of colorful kitchen gadgets from the good old days–

But I didn’t buy any of them.
What DID I buy?

I bought buttons!


See the card with all the metal buttons?  Those are very early buttons—late 1800’s–and are made with two different metals.  More about them another time . . .but here’s a close up—-sweet little birds.


After I left the flea market, I was amused by this old 1950’s era dry cleaner sign—-had to take a quick photo to show you:

And then that dry cleaner building was right next to a little bridge with a pleasant creek—and I thought you might like to have this pleasant scene in your mind when you fall asleep tonight.
See that little stone archway, way back?  This creek bed is so dry you could really walk on the stones all the way to that little archway.

Dream of pretty hats, lots of buttons and green leafy creek scenes.

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5 Responses to April Flea Market

  1. Mary Jo says:

    The buttons are breathtaking! Beautiful colors and designs.

  2. woodandrope says:

    I love buying old buttons from flea markets, you’ve found some nice finds! 🙂

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