Trip to New York Part 3

Today is so pretty in Pennsylvania—-I’m going to call the sky “cadet blue” and wonder if I’m correct . . .

But it was also a gorgeous day in New York—and I want to tell you about the third part of the trip————–

When you’re planning a trip to New York, you might wonder where to stay.  May I recommend a hotel?  The Library Hotel at the corner of Madison Avenue and 41st Street

The Library Hotel 299 Madison Ave NYC

is just about the best spot in New York!  You can come in to Grand Central Station and walk only about a block and you’re there.   Talk about convenient.  And it’s one block from The New York Public Library—Bryant Park,  one block from Fifth Ave.  You could have a fine little vacation for yourself without even getting a blister on your foot.

Madison and Vine Restaurant at the Library Hotel NYC

There is a restaurant (see above) right next door.  We didn’t eat there, but I’m trying to tell you about the easiest possible trip plans you could make, and that is another convenience.

But the best part of staying at the Library Hotel is the books theme.  Here’s part of the lobby:

lobby area at the Library Hotel NYC

And the rooms each have themes—science, literature, philosophy, etc.  What fun.

And, it’s situated in “Library Way”—the street that leads to the Public Library.  There are wonderful engraved plaques decorating the sidewalks on the way—here are a few for you to read and contemplate . . .remember to click photo to enlarge . . .

José Marti about Oscar Wilde

Virginia Woolf

Emily Dickinson

E B White

And here’s the Library itself:

The New York Public Library

To finish up our day, my friend and I hailed a taxi and went down to 7th and 27th to the Fashion Institute of Technology.  There is usually a good fashion exhibition there———–it’s free!!– and that day was no exception.  In fact, there were two separate exhibitions.  Upstairs was Part I of the best FIT’s collection from over the years.  And downstairs was a retrospective of 50 designers’  works—-their favorite garment of all to show.

One can’t take photos there, but you might enjoy going on their site on the internet for the fun of it.  My friend and I oohed and aahed and claimed our favorites.  Nice time.

Visiting New York was easy and fun.  Hope you enjoyed the trip, too.

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    What a lot of fun reading about this trip and seeing the pictures of NYC in the beautiful weather! I’ve jotted down some tips on new places to check out next visit. I love NY too. The red triangle button is fabulous — my Mom had polish like that back in the early 50’s and I thought it was so beautiful. Also love the bluebirds card. Well thanks for the tour! Your writing is so enjoyable.

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