Packing for Paris Part 2

by Merrell

Paris weather forecast for today, Monday May 7 is high of 64 degrees, low of 50, chance of rain.  And that looks about the same through the week until Thursday when it might be 81 degrees, chance of rain.

Variable weather—guess it calls for clothes in layers.  Let’s worry about that later and concentrate on the shoes today.

So far I have bought four pairs.  If my husband reads this, he’ll wonder what is meant by “so far” !  Not to worry, dear.

First I bought two pairs that would work for any and every occasion:  (Done!   heh, heh, . .. )  the black Riekers for absolute walking-around comfort:

walking comfort in Reikers

and they ARE comfortable, it’s true.  The girl at the store was right!  And they don’t look so medicinal “on”—cute with their Swiss  cutout embroidery trim . . .

Next, at same store, I bought Taryn Rose Bethany shoes.  Cute black flats with  cross-over straps and patent leather accents.  These could do dinner really.

Taryn Rose Bethany black flats

I bought them because they were cute, but mainly because I have an old pair of Taryn Rose flats that I wore all over Venice for two weeks of walking—-so comfy.  But now, alas, they are looking shabby:

old Taryn Rose flats

Shabby, not chic–but so comfy.  But the new Bethanys, great as they were in the store, are not comfortable!  So they are having a rendezvous with the shoemaker.  We’ll see.

Next, I wanted a cute pair of sneakers.  Although an American must not supposedly wear sneakers in Paris, this American might when she’s going to a flea market or something.  What do you think?  Merrell . . .

Merrell “chili” sneakers

See?  When you reach a “certain age” you can do what you like!

I also bought these Merrells in black:

Merrell Barefoot Wonder

These have leather toes and backs and pretty embroidery decoration—comfy, easy.   Think I’ll keep them . . .  Do you care that I have these Merrell sandals–comfortable, boring?  I can’t see myself bringing these.

Merrell black sandals

Then if a girl wanted a little heel–I have these three choices:  Donald Pliner, Naturalizer, or Anne Klein patent leather.  What do you think?

Donald Pliner black

Naturalizer black

Anne Klein patent leather slingback

OK, let’s pretend I can only take a limited number of pairs of shoes.  Ha, ha, ha, ha–

Which shall I pack?

Oh, the red and black shoes at the top of the page?  Just cute, to get your attention . . . what? —  you think I should order them?

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4 Responses to Packing for Paris Part 2

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Can’t wait to see the clothes! The shoes look great — Reikers look like great walkers; the chilie sneakers will be a smash at the marche aux puces! And any one of the fancies would be nice for fancier. I do wonder about the Merrell barefoot wonders — they look comfy, but how much sole support for hours on your feet? hmmm . . . Cute though! And looks like they’d be easy to pack. The old Taryn Rose don’t look shabby to me — maybe they still have a chance?

    • Hi Mary Jo—love your commentary—-so helpful! I take your point about the sole support on the Merrell Mary Janes. But they have a “Vibram” rubber sole which supposedly is used on hiking boots, etc, so hopefully, they’ll hold up. More to the point, I don’t expect to be on my feet for hours–at least not if there are any cafes in Paris! (heh-heh). I guess I’ll wear the sturdy Riekers for serious museum jaunts. Will keep you posted! and thanks.

  2. booksilver says:

    I really like the look of the Riekers — all of them, actually.
    My vote is for the Donald Pliners for a heel, although with a short skirt they might not work too well. The Anne Kleins are not really what you see in heels this spring, though — need more of a bit of platform under the toe, right?

  3. Hi Booksilver—I love the Donald Pliners and they are very comfortable, too. Don’t worry
    about the short skirt . . . !!

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