Packing for Paris Part 4

The shoe choices are settled.  Remember the Merrell Barefoot Wonders?

Merrell Barefoot Wonder

I returned them.  Because I found these Naots (ignore the pink socks—it’s to show the
shoe more vividly–

Naot Mary Jane

My husband and I went shopping for some shoes for HIM, and I found these!  They are
very, very comfortable and I think they’re cute.  So I decided to return the Merrell Barefoot

And remember the darling Taryn Rose Bethany flats?  They weren’t comfortable and I took them to the shoeman to see what he could do:

Taryn Rose Bethany flats

Well, they’re still darling———-I should have heeded the shoeman’s sign “If the shoe fits,
repair it”—-the shoe didn’t fit in the first place, still doesn’t.  But c’est la vie.  We must suffer for fashion’s sake.

So, I think I’m doing very well with 5 pairs of shoes in my suitcase!  And I expect I’ll wear a pair flying  . . . red Merrell sneakers, black Rieker walking shoes, Naot walking shoes, Taryn Rose patent flats, and Donald Pliner wedgie slings.

Picked up a few accessories:

packing for Paris ©booksandbuttons

And DH (dear husband) is getting ready, too:

DH packing©booksandbuttons

It’s so easy for a man—–polos, khakis,  . . .

Will polish off this string of packing episodes with a finale—stay tuned.

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6 Responses to Packing for Paris Part 4

  1. Christina says:

    Good to know! I have been checking out shoe options for our backpacking trip – I am still lost! Want something somewhat fashionable (not running shoes), but of course very comfortable and walkable – hmmm.

  2. booksilver says:

    I’ve found that Naot shoes are always comfortable right from the start and even on long sightseeing days. I don’t know about backpacking, though — wouldn’t you want hiking shoes for that?

  3. Mary Jo says:

    The Naot shoes look beautiful. Especially nice with the pink socks, so I say pack them. DH’s choices also look so nice . . . will he be blogging his outfits, I wonder? (just kidding!) Looking forward to the next episode.

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