Packing for Paris Part 5

Yea!  We’re getting closer and closer!  I’m almost at Les Deux Magots–
that famous cafe where writers and poets enjoyed extended cups of coffee and extended conversations.

old pamphlet The Two Magots ©booksandbuttons

This fabulous old pamphlet above (click to enlarge) was probably printed in the 1960’s or so and along with a 4 or 5 page history of the cafe, has the menu:

menu The Two Magots ©booksandbuttons

I’ll bet the prices have changed!

I’ve been having fun, too, with a new book for Mother’s Day—Parisian Chic by Sophie Gachet:

which has lots of pointers for me—with cute commentary:

from Parisian Chic by Sophie Gachet

You might enjoy it, too—very readable–fast, light . . .

Am finalizing my wardrobe plans—I think I’ll wear sort of a lightweight sports outfit (Zenergy, Chicos)–jacket and brandy pants for flying.  Shall I carry a large pillow like the movie stars do when they get off the plane?  Anyway, I plan to be comfy for the long flight.

Then, back to business of wardrobe, I think I’m going to take two dressier jackets to go with good black slacks: this first one is light, light as a feather—cute with frog closures:

There’s a long shawl with glitzy stripes that won’t take any room and just might come in handy—kind of like Scarlet O’Hara’s green drapes!  And that’s my old journal that I took to Paris in 1999—I’ll just continue the story!

Another dressy option which is hard to visualize is a black and white jacket with an interesting woven texture, including tiny seed pearls.  It’s quite fascinating “in person” and hopefully across the dinner table.  A little lacey shell peeks out from underneath.  Done.

You’ll just have to trust me on this–it’s interesting.

Add a fluffy light linen-y white blouse for jeans—a couple of scarves and we’re going to call it a day.

Oh, yeah–I bought a black kind of stovepipe straw hat, too, in case it rains.
Or, for effect.

I’m pretty sure I’m carrying a large tote by Vera Wang:

And inside that, I’m going to put a Nine West flat sack/pouch/with a million compartments to carry the real stuff.  And a sweetheart of an old polka dot change purse. How cute is that?

Nine West bag is about 6 x 7 inches

If I want to carry something pretty to dinner I can choose among simple leather clutches, or a VERY FUN Liz snap bag with rhinestones on one side only, and a stiff satin box type of bag, also snap.  What do you think?  Let’s only take one, shall we?

leather clutches

Liz Claiborne upper–one side plain . . .

I’m exhausted–you’re exhausted.

Thank you for your kind commentaries–wish we were going together, but I’ll report back when we’re home again.  In the meantime, back to my reading———–about Paris!

“C’est la Vie” by Suzy Gershman and “Into a Paris Quartier” by
Diane Johnson

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  1. Mary Jo says:

    Oh, they all look so nice! Love that Vera Wang tote … fill ‘er up. And love that fluffy white linen-y blouse. Have a wonderful trip … bon voyage!

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