Titusville Button Show

Recently I went to the Titusville, NJ Button Show sponsored by the local Central Jersey Buttoniers club.            (click on photos to enlarge)

buttons offered by Joan MacFarlane, thank you.

It was a beautiful spring morning—one of those high pressure blue sky ones–and the drive was so pleasant along the Delaware River.  The show was held in the local fire station building–and food was served, too.

Never been to a button show?  Neither had I—and they are few and far between, so maybe you’d like to see some photos of what it’s like.  You walk in, and there are several tables set up by dealers who display their buttons—-sometimes in vast boxes of cards of buttons:

Titusville button show©booksandbuttons

Titusville button show, categories for sale;

or even separated, displayed and protected by felt pieces . . .

note display of felt pieces at left

There are also “Poke” displays—-to rummage through and choose buttons for moderate prices.

“Poke” button display, Titusville button show

And what did I buy?  I bought a very, very special button to talk about another day—and some buttons on original cards (a favorite category of mine) and these to share today:

my Titusville Button Show purchases May 2012

If I had to choose three for that trip to the desert island, I think I’d choose the Marion Weeber (circa 1948) celluloid clock—see it? sort of underneath the one that looks a little like a basketball?

And corny I know, but I’d also take in a heartbeat that rectangle rhinestone trimmed button from the 40’s? 50’s?  near the bottom of the photo.

And third . . .?  you choose.

Next Titusville NJ button show will be on September 8th.

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2 Responses to Titusville Button Show

  1. booksilver says:

    I *love* the baby blue circus buttons! But I think for the desert island I’d take the round button with little round colored “pegs” all over it.
    Then again, on that island it’s likely to be pretty warm. I’m not sure I”ll need a lot of buttons…. probably just a nice swimsuit and coverup!

    • I’m pretty fond of that colored peg button too! It’s a close call all right. P.S. Maybe the island is near Greenland—or maybe in the Shetlands! THEN we’d need buttons!

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