Paris Wrapup

outside the window of our hotel

So, we went to Paris—and this was our view out our hotel room window–we had an
ideal location!  In so many ways:
close to the metro—right across the street!
close to a little neighborhood park—right across the street!  my husband liked to read the paper there each morning
a bank— right across the street for easy ATM access
6 or 7 cafes within EASY walking distance from the hotel
a book store and a pàtisserie— right around the corner
only one block to Bon Marché department store—in fact I could see it as I ate breakfast!

And the breakfast—everything! everything! ours was included in our package.  Lovely.

And each night there was a piano player in the lounge downstairs—comfy club chairs and sofas—nice classic American standards at the piano–how nice is that?

And you’re wondering how the wardrobe went?

Well, it was a funny thing.  Before we left for Paris, for two weeks, we checked the weather in our morning paper each day—always 59, 60, 62 and cloudy or rain.  But! when we got to Paris every day was sunny!  and warm! then hot!  Either we brought them joy, or the paper’s always wrong.  And this morning—“63, rain”—I don’t believe it for a minute.

Anyway, because the weather turned warm rather quickly, the jeans plan wasn’t very practical.  In fact, if you want, just buy 2 or 3 pairs of Chicos black traveler “Candace” pants and call it a day.  Unfortunately, the cuffs of mine began to fray TOO soon, but other than that, they are super for every occasion and they are cool as a cucumber.

Put a light top on, add a light jacket if you like, and you’re done for the day—

The shoes?

Taryn Rose leather and patent

These little guys stole the show—-breakfast (I like to look nice for a hotel breakfast)–and on occasions when there wouldn’t be much walking.  (Remember these did NOT get stretched as hoped.)

by Naot

These were the workhorses most days–and cute and comfy, too.

Donald Pliner

and the Donald Pliner micro fiber slings just enough to tip the scales to a higher level if need be.

Yes, the “old” Taryn Rose comfies went along, too, and for 2 afternoons I was mighty glad to see them.

Paris is walking.  Taking the metro is the answer to getting all over Paris from one end to the other.  But even the metro involves walking—-and climbing stairs back up to the street level.  At one stop –at Montmartre–we got off the metro and were cautioned that there were 115 steps to the street level!  A girl needs the love and support of comfortable shoes to do Paris.

And so, the wardrobe worked—mainly for thinking the thing through. Before I left, I removed two jackets–right move.  Less is more.  I saw many travelers at the airports—HUGE pieces of luggage.   “Leave it home,” I thought to myself.

Notre Dame Cathedral

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