Buttons from Paris

buttons at Ultramod Mercerie, Paris

First thing on the agenda when we got to Paris was to make a beeline for Ultramod Mercerie at 4 Rue de Choiseul in the 2nd arrondissement.  It’s an unpretentious looking little shop in a narrow street:

It’s in a charming little area and my husband found a bench and good spot for people watching while I went inside.

It’s my understanding that the owners once had a factory/warehouse/store in northern France, but moved to Paris when World War II bombed their area.  The merchandise they brought with them is old, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.  In some of the photos you can get an idea of the vast inventory—one photo gives you a little peek into the “back” rooms which are piled high with more boxes of stuff.  Golly.  It’s really overwhelming.  And then when you can’t believe there could be any more old trims, ribbons, buttons, etc–you go across the street to their OTHER store!

Take a little photo trip with me—click to enlarge on photos—while there I met an American woman who was also buying—we agreed it was wonderful stuff.

It was helpful to know a little French to do business.  Most of the buttons on display are newer, but I found a helpful clerk who hunted with me for some older buttons.  I bought some metal political/military buttons and some darling painted enamel buttons of roses with brass gilt trim.

Of the newer ones, my two favorites are this pavé rhinestone “star”, and the wonderful, wonderful, spoked wheel with rhinestones—I think I’d have to take that one to the desert island . . .

And “third” best is this part of a card of old small blue glass and brass buttons—aren’t they darling?

And these are the buttons I brought home . . .

Follow along next time for another button expedition in Paris—in Montmartre!  Fabric! Buttons!  à bientot!

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2 Responses to Buttons from Paris

  1. booksilver says:

    I do love all the ones you feature (especially the little painted posies) but I’d like to see more of those BLUE sparklies….

    • Hello booksilver! Can’t seem to add a photo to my “reply”, so will instead include the BLUE sparkly buttons in next post.

      We’re on the same plane—sparkles . . .and blue!

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