July Literary Birthdays

I wonder what favorite authors of ours celebrate their birthdays in July . . .

Will they have pool parties?

pool party ©booksandbuttons

Would Nathaniel Hawthorne do a cannonball off the diving board?
Would Beatrix Potter wear a bikini?
So much to wonder about . . .

Here’s the birthday list for July:

July 1                      George Sand
2                              Charlotte Perkins Gilman (The Yellow Wallpaper)
4                              Nathaniel Hawthorne (I’ve been to the House of Seven Gables*)
5                              Jean Cocteau  (plays a cameo part in Midnight in Paris)
10                            Marcel Proust (genius, that’s all)

line of Proust in my library ©booksandbuttons

July 11                      E.B. White—-love E.B.White *****

some E.B. White in my bookcase ©booksandbuttons

July 12                       Pablo Neruda  (I visited his house when I was in Santiago)
12                                Henry D. Thoreau (same day! maybe they’ll share a pool party)
July 15                       Iris Murdoch
July 16                       Anita Brookner
July 18                       William Makepeace Thackeray  (Vanity Fair)
July 21                       Ernest Hemingway

24                              Alexandre Dumas ***** Three Musketeers!
24                               E.F. Benson (hurray for Lucia books *****)

stack of books by E.F.Benson in my bookshelf ©booksandbuttons

July 26                   George Bernard Shaw
July 28                   Beatrix Potter
July 29                   Booth Tarkington (Penrod, Seventeen)
July 30                   Emily Brontë  (Wuthering Heights)

Choose one or two July authors—-get their books at the library.  Come home, make a cake, and read by the pool!

July birthday books ©booksandbuttons

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2 Responses to July Literary Birthdays

  1. booksilver says:

    I’ll start with Lucia…. how nice to discover another Luciaphile!
    Au reservoir —

    • Yes! Lucia makes great summer reading. I’m rereading the first in the series, Queen Lucia, (along
      with The Three Musketeers). Lucia makes wonderful bedtime reading, too. Did ‘ums know that?

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