Is This Nancy Drew’s House? (Vote!)

Nancy’s house? #1 gambrel roof, arched doorway, enclosed side porch

Did you grow up in River Heights?  That is, was Nancy Drew an integral part of your life when you were a young girl growing up?

I loved reading Nancy Drew books.  I knew her and George and Bess like we were all best friends.  I could picture Nancy’s attorney father, Carson Drew, and the housekeeper, Hannah.

And if you were like me,  you tried to imagine what Nancy’s house might look like, or at the least, you subconsciously pictured it as you read along in the mystery story.

I’ve found some pretty good houses that might be contenders for THE house.  What do you think?  Maybe you can narrow the field down to three choices for me, and we’ll go from there.  Will you help?  You can leave a comment (vote) below in that pale little blue line–
hard to find!  or use email –see box at right:

There are SEVERAL houses with a gambrel roof line—and I guess that’s because I think they are good candidates—.  But look them all over and select your top three . . .Here are some more.  (Don’t forget #1 that opened this post–)  Each will be numbered—and remember that you can enlarge the photos with a click of the mouse.

Go ahead, enlarge the photo—“enter” the house.  Would Hannah be in back in the kitchen?  Would there be a sense of privacy from the street?  Would Nancy’s bedroom be in the front or the back of the house?  Imagine them living there—-choose a house.

Nancy’s house? #2 gambrel roof, peaked doorway, enclosed side porch

Nancy’s house? #3 brick house, arched doorway, side patio

Nancy’s house? #4 brick, enclosed foyer, lily garden in front

Nancy’s house? #5 three story, bunting trim

Nancy’s house? #6 stone block, side view

OK, so far, so good.  That’s six of them, with six to go.  Do you already have some favorites?    Here we go again, you can do it.  Then leave a comment below.

Nancy’s house? beige bungalow architecture with columns

Nancy’s house? #8 gambrel roof, green shutters–TV antenna!

Nancy’s house? #9 brick w/green shutters, enclosed side porch

Nancy’s house? #10 large wood frame house, black shutters

Nancy’s house? #11 yellow house, blue shutters

Nancy’s house? #12 three story stone block

Bear in mind that Nancy and her father live IN TOWN, in River Heights, which is probably a small city.

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20 Responses to Is This Nancy Drew’s House? (Vote!)

  1. Scott says:

    #11 and #2.

  2. A reader from upstate New York has emailed in a vote for house #1–because it has nice trees
    around it and seems cozy. Thanks for your vote, upstate!

  3. A Nancy Drew fan has emailed in a vote for #6, #10 and #12. Thanks!

  4. Mary Jo says:

    I like house #2 … I think it’s perfect with that beautiful tree, and sunporch, and I like the way it’s close to the sidewalk.

  5. booksilver says:

    I vote for # 2 first, because it just LOOKS like Nancy — elegant, classic, nice side porch for Hannah to serve iced tea and sandwiches to Nancy, Bess, and George. Carson’s study is doubtless in the back of the house, to the left. And there must be a garage somewhere that we can’t see… where the roadster is housed.

    #s 11 and 9 are good runners-up. Brick is a good possibility, very lawyerly.

    I love #12, but I just don’t picture Nancy in a stone house, and #10 is a beautiful house but looks more like it belongs to “Old Miss Cavandish” or some other one of Nancy’s clients!

  6. Bay! says:

    All of the houses are very pretty, but I think #2 is most likely to be Nancy’s.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I like numbers 1 and 2!

  8. catherine delsordo says:

    I did not grow up in River Heights but I imagine Indianapolis, Indiana during the late 1930’s might serve as a substitute for RH.

    It was during the hot Indiana summers many years ago that I read the Nancy Drew volumes. I remember stretching out on a large swing suspended by two long chains that were attached to the ceiling of my house’s front porch. I would gently swing the hot afternoons away dreaming of Hannah fixing me a cool lemonade; I thought of how nice it would lliving in such a pleasant home.

    I always saw the Drew house as being an older but well-built comfortable home. I thought it was filled with interesting rooms and even imagined a ballroom on the upper level where Nancy and her Father might entertain formally.The outside of my imagined house was well cared for with cool green grass and shrubs and at least one older tree. The overall look would be stately yet cozy.

    Although not quite like the house of my girlish imagination I feel comfortable in voting for #2 as first choice with #12 as a close second.

  9. Julie says:

    # 1 gets my vote!

  10. lara says:

    1,2&12 thats what the house of nancy drew that i picture when i am reading the books.

  11. Erin Stahl says:

    I always pictured her house being a brick colonial, as it mentions in the books, with a curving driveway. There are sycamore trees, as well as maples and oaks, in the front and back. The garage, in my mind, is to the left, and opens into the kitchen. The kitchen opens into both the dining room, which is in the front, and the main hallway, where the staircase is. The living room to the right of the hall and front door, with a sunporch opening off of it. Carson Drew’s den is at the back of the house. In the back yard are several flower beds, and the yard is fenced. Upstairz we have Carson’s room, which has a study with it, Nancy’s room, which has a sitting room, Hannah’s room, and a guest room, as well as a couple of bathrooms. (Remember, in the 1930s most homes had only one or two baths. ) There is a door leading up to the attic in the upper hallway.
    That is how I imagine it! Oh, and the kitchen is a “modern pink and whilte” :).

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