Nancy Drew House Winner!

The contest is over!  Thank you, thank you for taking the time to vote.  You had definite
opinions, and reasons why—-cute.

And, from the 12 houses to choose from, you chose a winner . . . .   house #TWO
(click photo to enlarge–)

the WINNER! ©booksandbuttons

You chose a lovely white house with black shutters and a distinctive gambrel roof.  The side porch is glassed-in.  A big old tree is a welcome addition–cheerful American flag waving at the front door.  And maybe a tiny porch effect where the mailman can leave his
pouch for “just a moment” while he steps in for Nancy’s offer of lemonade . . .

I know you remember that part in “The Mysterious Letter”, right?

Was there a close runner-up?  Yes, there was.  And it was . . . house #ONE

The runner-up house ©booksandbuttons

Now, to the untrained eye (heh, heh)  these houses seem to be the same!  Well, nearly.

But!!    — as my old neighbor, Millie, used to say,  besides minor differences like an arched entry rather than peaked, and an extra tree in the front—there is the big difference of being farther from the street.  Some people preferred that feature.  You see the same glassed-in porch, the similar gambrel roof, etc.   Do you care?

If you’re still with me, let’s accord honorable mention–should we “accord” it? “grant” it? “give” it?  to house # SIX:

honorable mention House #6 ©booksandbuttons

This was the stately stone house–safe, secure, and puh-lenty of room for that mailman to
leave a dozen mailbags on the front porch!

It’s interesting that out of the thousands of votes that came in, no one chose house #4 or #8.

Thanks again for playing along—

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