The Girl at the Piano

Ah!  I found a copy of the old piano book!

©booksand buttons

Remember I told you my sister practiced from this book?  (See former post “Summer Roomers”)  I found it on Amazon.  It doesn’t give a publishing date, but I’d guess from the 1950’s.  And published by The Boston Music Company #9360—that probably could date it if you give them a call.

Good old “Jubilo” is in there:    (click photo to enlarge)

from The Girl at the Piano; ©booksandbuttons

Don’t you love the music that suggests “Not too fast” ?!

And no wonder I thought it was such a great piece . . . there is a terrific left hand part that
sounds like drums!  Try it out on your piano for the fun of it and you’ll see what I mean:

left hand Jubilo from The Girl at the Piano; ©booksandbuttons

There are 20 delightful little pieces in the book—grooming that “girl at the piano” toward a crowd-pleasing recital in the spring.  Check out “Chiquita” a toe-tapper for the Saturday afternoon audience . . .

“Chiquita” from The Girl at the Piano; ©booksandbuttons

and that old chestnut “Waltz in A flat” by Brahms:

“Waltz in A flat” by Brahms in The Girl at the Piano; ©booksandbuttons

That’s to be played “Tempo giusto!” which is a little more gustily than I do it—-I just sort of  lilt along.

Well, there are twenty fine pieces for that girl to practice–the list if you care–

contents from The Girl at the Piano

Why don’t you whip up a couple–can you memorize, too?

I want to give special tribute to George Martin.

He was the illustrator for the cover—-memorable job for I remembered it perfectly all these years.  I found another online, also by Mr. Martin I expect, but that one didn’t quite
pull at the memory strings—close, but no cigar.

older copy of The Girl at the Piano; ©booksandbuttons

Pleasant enough cover, but not “our” girl.   Ours even has a dress with paper doll cutouts for a pattern.  Cute.

The Girl at the Piano- Boston Music Company

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  1. booksilver says:

    Makes me want to sit right down and practice!

  2. ah, it still inspires—after all these years. thanks for comment.

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