Book Review: The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford

Well, the cover is intriguing . . .and I’ve heard a little about the Mitford sisters—six of them!  So I was looking forward to a semi-autobiographical story by the eldest one.

We are introduced to an unconventional English family and their upbringing in the time between World War One and World War Two.  The story centers on cousins Fanny and Linda.  Read: much horseback riding and fancy parties where men are sometimes few in number.  At one point, Mother invites the preacher to fill in at the table–and requests that he leave his wife at home . . .  Fanny marries early  but Linda is searching, and searching, for true romance.

I stayed the course.  Spoiler alert!—–  Linda marries twice, has a daughter whom she completely ignores (!) and by the end of the book is involved with a wealthy French duke.  Who cares?

I’ll save the second novel in this published book, Love in a Cold Climate, for another day.

After I finished the book, I realized that the storyline covered the same time frame that the series Downton Abbey does—the PBS series.  Methinks they do a better job at keeping the viewer interested . . .

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