Autumn Rambles Part 2–still on jigsaw puzzle

“Colorful Crossing” by Springbok puzzles. (click to enlarge)

Or as I’m beginning to call it, “Colorful Cussing” –because it’s a hard puzzle!

I’ve finally finished the top half—the bridge and all the trees above it–except for 5 pieces!”
And now am ready to work on the bushes below the bridge and the rocks at the bottom . . .
Then I’ll start the rocky stream.  I have about 4500 pieces in a box—all in blue and grey for the rocky stream.  But that’s another day–let’s get going on the rocks at the bottom.  I’ll let you put a piece in–
Thanks!  Have you gotten your own puzzle going yet?  To be continued . . .

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  1. booksilver says:

    Yes! Just pulled out a Jane Wooster Scott “Four Season” collection. Guess which season I chose?

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