October Literary Birthdays

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Happy Birthday P.G. Wodehouse!!  Just think–when the little guy was born, his parents thought and thought and then said, “Let’s name him Pelham Grenville!!”  And they did, too.  Later a “Sir” was put in front of his name, but I’m not sure when he worked his way to calling himself P.G.

Anyway right smack in the middle of October, we’ll celebrate–October 15 and maybe reread a nice comfy old Bertie Wooster tale of his.

Here’s the October birthday list:

Oct 2                            Graham Greene
Oct 3                            Thomas Wolfe
Oct 4                            Edward Stratemeyer

Oct 10                          Harold Pinter
Oct 15                          P.G. Wodehouse     and C. P. Snow (Charles Percy)
Oct 16                          Oscar Wilde         and Eugene O’Neill

(Time for a photo while I think of it.  Hm, need to add to my library I think.)

October birthday authors ©booksandbuttons
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Oct 21                     Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Oct 22                    Doris Lessing
Oct 24                    Moss Hart
Oct 26                    Beryl Markham    and Sylvia Plath
Oct 27                    Dylan Thomas
Oct 28                    Evelyn Waugh
Oct 31                     John Keats       and Mary Wilkins Freeman    and Dick Francis

And WHY have I pictured that old Nancy Drew book?  You tell me!

Happy Birthday to all these October people—and to all of YOU October birthday people.

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