Book Club Meeting February

The book club met last night to discuss Watership Down by Richard Adams.  Members gave  wholehearted positive reviews and several vowed to finish the book!

A brief biography of Richard Adams was read.  He seemed to have had a good life from
beginning to end.  He celebrated his 90th birthday with a large chocolate cake and received a gift, a large painting, of “the English countryside” by Aldo Galli—the illustrator of the 2012 edition of the book.

Next month we’ll read The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason.  Part of a review by The New Yorker reads:

“Forty-one-year-old Edgar Drake seems an unlikely protagonist for a bildungsroman.”
(There! I get to use that word from last week’s New York Times crossword puzzle meaning
a “novel that focuses on character growth”.

Continuing, from The New Yorker: “Happy with his wife of eighteen years and his reputation as one of the finest piano tuners in late-nineteenth-century London . . .”

He is summoned by the British War Office to go to Burma to repair a rare grand piano belonging to an important general . . .

I think it sounds like a great adventure story—–armchair travel!!  Join us and give a review on the third Tuesday in March.

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