Six Inches of Yarn!

doll's red beret and jacket ┬ębooksandbuttons

doll’s red beret and jacket ┬ębooksandbuttons

While you’ve been busy doing worthwhile things like your income taxes or spring cleaning,
I’ve been occupied with a project of my own. First I knitted a cute little red beret for
my doll, and then decided to make a jacket to match with the “leftover” yarn.

The trouble was, I discovered after almost completing the jacket, that I might not have
enough yarn!

Off to the basement to the yarn stash to search for more of the red yarn, proper dye lot
and so forth. No, none. I eyed the measly hank of red yarn wondering how far it would go.

The yarn is pretty old—-eight or nine years at least—and out of stock in regular yarn
stores. So I went on ebay and wondered if some that LOOKED good might match. Do you
know how hard it is to match shades of red? Well, I saw some that might do–from a
dealer in England. The kind lady answered my questions and didn’t think it would.

I called and visited local and not so local knitting stores. And today I bought what is
a very, very, very close match, but not quite.

It’s a gray gloomy day and I decided to spend part of the afternoon knitting the little
jacket as far as it would go with the old yarn I had. (The other part of the afternoon
I was busy doing income tax and spring cleaning –heh,heh).

Guess what!! I could and I did finish it! And I have, can you believe it?–six inches
left of the red yarn!! What a laugh.

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