It’s the END of the Nice Little Book Project

OK, so I just carried up the rest of them—and I’ll list them below. I’m in sort of
a de-cluttering mood so I want to get these books straightened away all in one place.
Hope I remember where I put them when it’s time for them to be picked up from our

Remind me, they’re in the back closet . . .

So we have—guess what–more advertising!

Leonard de Vries———-Victorian Advertisements
Mary McClintock ———-Imperial Leather (don’t ask)
H.G. Wells ————– Tono Bungay (another copy)
Mary Gaskell ————-Mary Barton
Tom Quinn —————-London’s Strangest Tales
The Broadview Anthology of The Victorian Era

and three more library books—you have to wonder if these
are overdue!——

H.G.Wells —————Correspondence of H.G.Wells vol 2
Simon J James ———–Maps of Utopia
Patricia Anderson ——-The Printed Image and the Transformation of
Popular Culture

And there you have it/them. Nothing there that I’m clamoring to read,
so off to the closet they go!

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  1. booksilver says:

    You’re so funny! Imperial Leather has a very good chapter on empire and advertising!

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