Book Review: Dear Papa by Anne Ylvisaker

London 6 Dear Papa xWho likes an easy pleasant book to read?

We all do!

Dear Papa by Anne Ylvisaker–ooh, spellcheck doesn’t like THAT one–
is just the ticket for your break from War and Peace or Ulysses.

The book is written as a collection of letters–always a handy vehicle–
from a nine year old girl to her father.  Trouble is, her father has died.
She’s keeping him up on the news.  Mama is struggling to hang on to
the filling station, her older sisters are dating, and the little sister
and brother need reminding of the days when Papa was with them.
The setting is during World War II.

There’s quiet humor and a lot of sincerity in the writing.  Pass it by if
you’re not in the mood for another growing-up saga.  Still, it’s cute.
And you know what?  If you’re trying to choose a book for a young
girl to read that isn’t the dreadful “young adult” type—it’s a real
winner.  Put it in the same category as Cress Delahanty by Jessamyn West
–see my post in March 2012.

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