Punch and Judy Fayre in London

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Hurray!  It’s the Punch and Judy Fayre in Covent Garden!   A dream come true!

They had to take me there—it was what I wanted for  Mother’s Day!
Gorgeous day and a “good crowd”. (You were the only one not there . . .)

It was held in a small churchyard at St. Paul’s in Covent Garden.  Last year the Fayre
celebrated 350 years (350 years!) since Pepys (Pepys!) saw a Punch and Judy show right in the same churchyard!

The schedule promised a parade to the church at 11 a.m. and then a church service with Mr. Punch in the pulpit (!)

There must have been two dozen little puppet theaters set up:

cheery puppet theaters

cheery puppet theaters

2013-05-12 Meegan's punch az2013-05-12 13.08.552013-05-12 12.55.06And you could hear the raspy voice of Mr. Punch all over the place.

Punch: “And where is he now?”
the Kids: “BeHIND you!”
Punch: “I don’t see him. Where is he?”
the Kids: “BeHIND you!”
Punch: “Oh!  Get away-get away-get away-get away!”

Accompanied by whacking with stick, etc.

And, Punch counting sausages (4):  “One, two, three, four (going left to
right), five, six, seven, eight!” (going back right to left).  EIGHT sausages!”
the Kids: “There are four!”
Punch: “Don’t let the crocodile get them.  You tell me if you see a crocodile.”
the Kids: “There’s the crocodile!!!”
Punch: “Where is he?”
the Kids: “BeHIND you!”  etc, etc

There were a few minutes when I didn’t think my camera was working, and
I accidentally got a pretty good video of one of the Punch and Judy performances.
Do you think I can figure out how to get it on this blog? (n-n-n-n-n-n-n-o!)

Besides all the raucous puppet voices, there was a “Superior Band” with
trumpets blaring,2013-05-12 12.54.19 a full-blown Maypole Dance celebration with community
dancers who had probably been practicing since last November . . .and a
good share of Pearly Kings and Queens—sporting the old-fashioned button suits
that became popular in the late 1800’s.

Pearly People

Pearly People

There were also vendors galore selling Punch and Judy puppets, and candies and jewelry,
and old-fashioned toys.

It was quite an affair and I’m glad I went.

Mr. Punch with one of the church ladies.

Mr. Punch with one of the church ladies.

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