Summer Reading List 2013–updated Aug 25th–and going to St. Louis

Wharton Age of Innocence 003 zHot off the press!  Here is this summer’s proposed reading list.  I don’t
have a real giant this year like Three Musketeers (last year).  It’s
kind of a mixed list—and looking forward to all of them!  The two with
stars denote selections for our book club in July and August.

Listed in no particular reading order, for I’m reading, and loving,
Age of Innocence currently, here they are:

Akpane, Uwen                                     Say You’re One of Them (not going to read)
Blake, Sarah                                         The Postmistress*  yes!
Campbell, Joseph                                The Hero with a Thousand Faces* (nope)
Carver, Raymond                                Where I’m Calling From  (stories) (no, too
graphic and crude for me these days)

Franzen, Jonathan                               The Corrections  (another time maybe)
Haggard, Henry Rider                         She     yes!
McCullers, Carson                                Wunderkind    (stories)  yes!
Pamuk, Orhan                                      Snow   (still want to read sometime)

Roy, Arundhati                                     God of Small Things (might be time yet)
Smith, Zadie                                          NW  (probably not)
Stone, Campbell, Esselstyn                 Forks over Knives    yes!
Tarkington, Booth                                Alice Adams     yes!

Taylor, Elizabeth                                  At Mrs. Lippincote’s  (definitely will)
Taylor, Peter                                         Happy Families Are All Alike  (stories)  yes!
Unsworth, Barry                                   Sacred Hunger     yes!
Wharton, Edith                                     Age of Innocence   yes!

What’s on your list?   That’s my updated list—so-so, but I read many others,
as you know from recent posts.

Now we’re headed for a driving vacation cross country to St. Louis and I’ll be
taking  “At Mrs. Lippincote’s” above, and Ann Beattie’s “The Doctor’s House”
and SS Van Dine “The Casino Murder Case”—which I’ve started . . .great!!!!
And I’ll take “The God of Small Things” and maybe I’ll be able to check that off,

Stay tuned—and join us at the Arch!  We’re going back to be sure that our
favorite restaurants are still serving.  Yea!  Can’t wait.

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8 Responses to Summer Reading List 2013–updated Aug 25th–and going to St. Louis

  1. cellenbogen says:

    My big one for the summer is The Magic Mountain (Mann). A few of yours – Sacred Hunger (loved it!), The Corrections (pretty good) – are not small.

  2. booksilver says:

    Exciting! Let us know how you like them all.

  3. Alex says:

    My list will have to wait until I know what’s been selected for the Summer School I run. I’ve offered five different sets of books and until the voting lists come back fro the other participants I won’t be able to get down to any serious planning. On what principle do you draw up your lists?

    • Hello, Alex, I saw your proposals for summer reading a few days ago–interesting concept. I
      think I’d choose the Dublin series, with second choice being the art theme.
      How do I select my summer reading books? Well, I’m a slave to reading lists. I love
      checking them off when I’ve read them. And I like classics. This year I chose a couple
      from the Pulitzer Prize winners–Age of Innocence, and Alice Adams, and finalists–
      The Corrections and Where I’m Calling From. I also like to read with recommendations in
      mind for my book club. I found Zadie Smith mentioned on several lists and that will be
      a new author for me. And Say You’re One of Them seems to be a current must-read. Then
      there are the books I’ve bought and haven’t finished . . .Maybe next summer is the year
      for a biggie like Don Quixote. Thanks for your interest.

  4. booksilver says:

    You seem to have gotten to pretty many of them… and summer’s not over yet! I’m rooting for the Roy getting checked off by the end of your St. Louis trip!

    • Yes, well, unfortunately I couldn’t find my copy even though I had
      just recently seen it. Do you think it might be because I was looking
      under Arundhati in my bookshelf???? In the meantime, not much
      reading is getting done—a few more people poisoned in my Casino
      Murder Case by SS Van Dine. Stay tuned.

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