Book Review: Wunderkind by Carson McCullers

wunderkind 004Check off another for summer reading—even though this book has
only 62 pages.  There are two ways to look at this book review: I can
tell you about the four stories that are in the book, or I can tell you
about this great little series of “Modern Classics” published by
Penguin Books.   I’ll do both, of course.

In 2011 Penguin published fifty of these small books and chose terrific
authors like Capote, Fitzgerald, Joyce, Nabokov, Updike, and Wodehouse.
In each case, it’s a short fiction selection by the author.

I think it would be fun to read them all–especially as an introduction
to an author I’m not familiar with.

I think you could have a pretty good time going to the website about the
little series.  Just google Penguin Modern Classics and explore a little.

I enjoyed these little stories by Carson McCullers, starting with a young
piano student attending a lesson, a rather haunting story, but maybe
you already know Carson McCullers.  She lived a short life unfortunately,
but what she wrote is precise and sometimes soul rattling.  If you want
a more pleasant read you must read The Member of the Wedding.

The other stories are about an aging jockey (The Jockey), a visiting professor
(Madame Zilensky and the King of Finland) and love (A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud).
They read right along and I enjoyed them.

Perhaps these stories are published in collected works of McCullers.   She’s
a good author and it’s interesting to read online about her short life.  Add her
to your summer reading list.

Carson McCullers,  Penguin Modern Classics edition

Carson McCullers,
Penguin Modern Classics edition

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3 Responses to Book Review: Wunderkind by Carson McCullers

  1. Alex says:

    The Member of the Wedding turned up on one of my reading group list two, maybe three years ago and I’ve been meaning to read something more by McCullers ever since. I seem to have a vague remembrance of reading about the Penguin series somewhere but I’m glad to be reminded of it and will go and explore the site. They sound a great idea for pushing in a pocket and taking out to read during a long summer walk.

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