A List of Things That Are Missing

Dear Other Half,

Remember the day we made a list of the things we were missing?
Seems like a new thing crops up every day.

I’m not sure which thing I miss the most, but one I think of often
is that song tape I had made of old favorite songs.  It cost me $40
or so to have it done because I don’t know how to do that stuff.
It’s been so long since I’ve heard it that I’ve forgotten some of the
favorites I even had put on it.  I know it ended with “Happy Trails
to You”. (I think).  And it had “I’m Leaving It All Up to You”.  The
night you were deciding whether we should move to St. Louis or
not, I tried to show you that I wouldn’t hold you back if you wanted
to go.  Around midnight, I asked you to go for a ride around the block
in my car and I played that part of the tape.  It was an exciting time
in our lives, that move.

Anyway, I have a list of the songs that were put on that tape–somewhere!
If we were still living in that big old house on Ann Street, I’d know where
everything was.  We had that huge old Sheraton sideboard in the
dining room–remember?  We bought if for $175 at auction–what a
great buy, even though one back leg was a little weak.  I loved that
old sideboard–so many compartments!  What a storehouse!  Not
that the tape would have been kept in there.

But in those days, you had something, you kept it someplace, and it
didn’t move for years.  Of course, that could be because WE didn’t
move for years.

Those little back rooms upstairs by the second stairway–great
storage for scrapbooks and old photos, Christmas stuff, puzzles.
You’d walk through one to get to the next one.  We thought they
were servants’ quarters or something originally.  That was a
wonderful house, maybe our best ever.

But that song tape–where could it be?  Do I remember having it
in the old Saturn?  Could I possibly have left it in the Saturn
when I bought my new car in St. Louis?  Surely I checked and
cleaned things out.  When was the last time I really saw or
played that tape?  Can’t remember.  And, you see, that’s making
it harder to find it.  If it’s murky when I even saw it last, what
are my chances of a good starting place to look for it?

Let’s see, something by Judy Collins.  Not “My Father Always
Promised Us” but something with a swelling chorus, oh, what
is that?  I’ll think of it in a minute and tell you.

And that song about the second love, um, “Torn Between Two
Lovers”–that’s a good one.  And the rainbow song:
“I’m saving my money, (la, la, la), to buy you a rainbow.
A rainbow, to put on your finger.
After I’ve gone and bought you the rainbow,
I’ll go out, and I’ll, buy you the moon.”

What a goodie.  An old, well not boyfriend, but date, and I
used to play that song one summer.  He went to RPI and had
a cute sportscar.

There must be (I’m not going to use past tense because I will
find the tape someday) about sixteen songs on that tape–all
hand picked.  Surely, Elvis–and I know which one, too–oh
the best friend one, you know:
“When you find your sweetheart in the arms of a friend,
ah, ah, ah, that’s when your heartaches begin . . .”

Gee, I wish I could listen to that darned tape this afternoon.

“You are my sweetheart, my high school romance . . .
I remember our first dance,
The record was playing, the song kept saying . . .”

I was thinking the other day about my high school.  I had
a wonderful high school, though very small (sixteen in my
graduating class!)  At noontime, after lunch, the gym doors
would be open and somebody (who? I wonder who had that
job?) played records for us over the speaker system.  It was
like a sock hop every single school day for half an hour.
Weren’t we lucky?

“There’ll be blue birds over the white cliffs of Dover . . .”  I’m
not sure if that’s on my tape.  I know it’s on a tape I had made
for a friend because it was her mother’s favorite song.  That
reminds me though of one I’m pretty sure I had, have.
Something about meeting—“We’ll meet again, don’t know
where, don’t know when . . .”  I can get sad just thinking about
that one, and I’m not even contemplating saying good-bye to
anyone this afternoon.

I’ll bet I had some cheery ones, too. (have)

Sometimes when I’m looking through things I’ll come across a
little cache of tapes and I’ll think aha!! my tape will be here!
But these days, there is so much clutter around that even when
I come across a fresh lot of old stuff, I don’t get my hopes up.
I wish I’d really go through everything in this house and get
organized (like you are).

You know it’s bad when it’s easier to just go out and buy
something rather than hunt to find one you know you have–
like a piece of pink felt, for instance, or that photo of me at
one of the kids’ weddings.  Well, that last would be kind of
hard to go out and buy, but you get the idea.

I don’t think I have Floyd Cramer’s “Last Date” on that tape,
but that’d be a good candidate.  Are your feelings hurt that
that’s not on there?  Maybe it is!  Ah, I remember another
one–“I’ll Be Home” by Pat Boone.  What a goodie that was.
Oh, yes, and –not Moonwalk, Moontalk–oh that twangy
whee, whee–what is that–instrumental—-cake walk,
something walk,  whee, whee, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, whee,
whee—-it’ll come to me in a minute.  That was associated with
this tall guy who used to come in to the soda fountain and play it.
Oh, memory, you’re going fast!  I remember his name, not his

Well, anyway, if I ever find that tape, I’ll put it in a safe place.

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4 Responses to A List of Things That Are Missing

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Loved reading this! Thanks for sharing with all of us. And good luck finding that tape – I hear St. Anthony is good for helping to find lost things also lost causes but we won’t call it that! A misplaced thing. You could also get organized … but then maybe we wouldn’t have such fun writing such as this to read … loved the old house on Ann Street descriptions. Hope you write more!

  2. bandana lover says:

    I’ll Be Home by Pat Boone! Surely it had to have been by The Flamingos.

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