Barbie Mystery Play

Barbie Mystery play summer 2009

Barbie Mystery play summer 2009

Things change.  Every summer for four or five years my granddaughters and I would play
Barbie.  We’d make a special trip to Target or KMart or Benny’s in Rhode Island to buy
one special Barbie each summer–with a couple of special outfits–and usually a new Ken
to add some spice!

But most of our hoard of Barbies came from garage sales where you could buy a
big plastic bin of Barbies and clothes for a song.

Were these always in the best of condition?  (No)  Were there severe haircuts? (Yes, but
hats and homemade beautiful scarves covered them up.)
Were fingers and toes chewed?  (Yes, and by whom??  A trickier problem, but solved by
gloves sometimes if anyone had the patience to put gloves on (!) and high boots covered
a lot of chewed toe ills.)

Sometimes the dolls weren’t REAL Mattel Barbies, but knockoffs.  That was annoying,
but solved by having those dolls be friends from down the street, visiting.  Of course,
they were never chosen by Ken to go to the dance.

We have a large glass square coffee table and oh, the dances that have taken place
under the lights of that glass . . .

But my favorite memory, I think, is the day–well, it took almost a week–for the Barbie Mystery Play.  You see, a murder had been committed and there were meetings
and a trial to find the murderer.  Many Barbies and Kens were called each day to sit in
on this trial.

The interesting thing is that even when a doll had a missing limb (!)–hand, arm, etc,
she could still play with the others–exceptions were taken for some activities she was
unable to do.

So, there was a one-armed Barbie seated at the trial.  Everyone discounted her as
being the murderer—what an alibi—only one arm.

But!———–she WAS the murderer!  What do you think of that?

Time has passed and things change.   Barbie isn’t such a focal point for the girls
when they visit these days–summer doesn’t seem the same.  So we’re winding
down the “collection” and selling them off on ebay.

And yet, we still have two large plastic bins full of Barbies and clothes that
say “KEEP!”

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