We’re in St. Louis—–postscript Hendel’s Restaurant in Florissant

Hendel's Restaurant in Florissant MO

Hendel’s Restaurant in Florissant MO

How could I forget to tell you about Hendel’s in Florissant?  Remember
we went to that dear old French town to look for antiques. And we
remembered that we used to have lunch at Hendel’s.  This is a long
standing establishment, very good food, nice little shady patio.  They
were preparing for a wedding rehearsal dinner that night.

Well, after we had finished with antiquing, we went to Hendel’s
and we asked the waitress for the wine and dessert menus.  She
laughed and said she’d like to sit at our table!

Remember the cannelloni at Manno’s Café?  That was the top taste
of the trip.  But———couldn’t top the blueberry cheesecake that
we shared at Hendel’s.  Melt in your mouth!

There were four desserts featured that day—all made in-house by
“Lia”.  A chocolate cake made with peanut butter, too; a tempting
lemon meringue tart; (forgotten the other), and the blueberry
cheesecake.   A winner.  What a lovely little stop that was!

The pastry chef at Hendel's Restaurant in Florissant MO

The pastry chef at Hendel’s Restaurant in Florissant MO

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