Book Review: The Casino Murder Case by S.S. Van Dine

ss Van Dine The Casino Murder Case 004If all you want in a murder mystery is a bickering wealthy family, a
ritzy casino, an anonymous letter, and lots of poisonings –all set in
New York City—the casino’s on West 73rd—this one’s for you!

Toss in Philo Vance, a sophisicated detective, who’s even more
clever than you think you are, and you’re in for some fun.  I read it
while we visiting St. Louis, and I’d say to O’Half:

“another poisoning!” as I read along day to day.  (night to night).

Yes, it’s an old book–written in 1934, and yes, sometimes Philo
Vance has an annoying drawl–but not too often and the plots in
S.S.Van Dine mysteries are always clever.  I like the way Philo will
be talking to his cohort, Van, and then we realize he’s talking to
the author!  That way, “Van” can write things right down to tell us.

And, because the title page gives this quote: “Quam saepe forte
temere eveniunt, quae non audeas optare!” by Terence—I think
you can see you’re in for a good time.   (huh?)

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