The Chicken Soup Mystery

I have a good recipe for chicken soup.  In fact, it’s called
“Hearty Chicken-Noodle Soup” and it’s from the No Red Meat
cookbook by Brenda Shriver and Ann Tinsley.
chicken soup cubes 004

I make it about every two weeks because O’Half likes soup
every day for lunch, and this is his favorite.

The mystery?  the bouillon cubes!  The recipe calls for 2 chicken
bouillon cubes, but I cheat and use 2 plus one reduced sodium one.
(Because I don’t want to use three regular ones.)

Still with me?  Well, for the last couple of months the “regular” bouillon
cubes have been a store brand, but the reduced sodium cube has been a
“real” brand.

YOU WOULD BE SURPRISED AT how long it takes to open those little
store brand cubes!  And there are two of those compared to the easy
opening of the other.

real brand left, store brand on right.

real brand left, store brand on right.

See the nice golden wrapper on left?  See the tattered, ripped ones
on the right?!   How can it be that those little wrappers are so hard
to open?

Each time I think it was just my imagination last time I made soup and
blithely go about opening the little golden cube wrappers.  But it was NOT
my imagination!  It is just about impossible to get those store brand cubes
open!  I go through a process where I wish someone else was in the kitchen,
too, so we could have a race.

I’ve decided that when I plan to make fresh soup, I’ll spend time the night
before getting the cubes ready to go.  I’ve also made a little decision to buy
name brand bouillon cubes!

Recipe follows in next post!  No, probably not . . .just kidding.

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3 Responses to The Chicken Soup Mystery

  1. booksilver says:

    Well, many people have some little hobby they pursue while watching TV or listening to the radio — knitting, crochet — perhaps yours can be opening bouillon cubes!

  2. Mary Jo says:

    We would like the recipe, please! And I’ll bet the bouillon-opening time isn’t included in the “prep time” that recipes often state. But I make soup another time consuming way — I open those waxed-cardboard boxes of stock or broth. What a pain that is! They don’t open nicely; the little tiny foil tab always fails; and I have to cut the box top with strong scissors just to get the last of the contents out. It’s time for me to try bouillon — name brand of course. I agree soup for lunch — it’s the best!

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