the book club met: The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston

There were mixed opinions tonight at book club about The Monster of Florence
by Douglas Preston and Mark Spezi.  All agreed that it “went right along”, well,
most all.  That’s the thing about a group of readers—seldom can you say they”all”
agreed to anything!

The nonfiction read was a culture shock–and specifically because it rings true
today with the Amanda Knox case—same investigators!

Confusing cast of characters, misled investigation, different culture, language–
all contributing to a rather fascinating read!

But why was the FBI character analysis of the serial killer ignored?    Why was
there no DNA work done?  Was this book a missing piece of the investigation or
only one more reporter’s viewpoint?

The case was never closed about the serial killer of Florence.  Who did it?

It makes a pretty good book club discussion work.  Consider it!

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