Two Buttons

I’ve been busy lately trying to organize my button collection.
Soon they’ll all be mounted on cards.  HA! HA! HA!

One button friend has said she won’t buy any more new buttons
until she has the ones she now owns mounted.  That’s not going
to happen for me.  But I am earnestly trying to make a dent.
There are button articles written about mounting hints—doing
ten a day and so forth.  I have to wait until the mood strikes.

I’d like to share two interesting buttons I’ve found recently–and
one is mounted already!

I have started a card of tiny, diminutive buttons with a goal of having
none larger than 1/4 inch—and so have a graph paper background
to keep me pretty honest about it.

card of tiny buttons 1/4" in diameter. ©booksandbuttons

card of tiny buttons 1/4″ in diameter. ©booksandbuttons

(click to enlarge photos)

The little darling glass paperweight type button that’s a new feature is of a
daisy-like flower—especially cute because it’s so tiny.

tiny glass paperweight button 1/4" diameter ©booksandbuttons

tiny glass paperweight button 1/4″ diameter ©booksandbuttons

Gee, when you enlarge it it looks kind of crackled.  So don’t enlarge
this one!  Just look at it with your so-so eyesight like mine is . . .the
button is nicer that way!

And the other interesting one is one and a half inches in diameter—has
some age I think—and is of pewter and a blue stone–what stone?  The
stone is held in place with clamps and there are old rhinestone trims
on the “vase”.  Do you like it?  Could it be a designer button?  Can you
help me identify it?  There are no backmarks.

pewter and stone flower button with rhinestone trim ©booksandbuttons

pewter and stone flower button with rhinestone trim ©booksandbuttons

It’s not mounted—not sure where to classify it–“designer wannabes”?

Bye for now, just dropped in to share these two buttons with you.

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4 Responses to Two Buttons

  1. booksilver says:

    Love both of these! The fancy one with the turquoise-colored flower made me wonder what jacket or skirt it adorned back when Art Deco was in. When the owner put that piece on, she felt pretty fashionable, I’ll bet!

  2. Deb says:

    Love the graph paper and yellow dots–very clever! As for the flower button, I see veined turquoise, with the rhinestones forming the sepal (had to look that up!)

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