National Button Day 2013 !!

THINK  today is National Button Day—November 16th–

So I guess you have the day off, right?  And are sorting and mounting
your buttons?  So I won’t keep you very long—just will share, oh,
let’s say sixteen buttons . . .Yea!  let me go look through some boxes–

OK, this is what I came up with–a variety–

©booksandbuttons National Button Day!

National Button Day!

For relevance, the “rose” button is 15/16 inches in diameter.  All of these buttons
were from the collection of Inez Wingrove who was a distant relative of General
Custer!  What’s in YOUR closet?

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4 Responses to National Button Day 2013 !!

  1. FictionFan says:

    I love the one with the built-in watch face. Is it purely decorative, or did it actually work?

  2. Mary Jo writes: “They are beautiful. I think I’d like the 12th one over—the
    tiers of gold plastique? w/little pearls, and red violet center specks of
    something. Would love a set of them for my bulky knit sweater…

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