Book Review: A Little Local Murder by Robert Barnard

barnard a little local murder 006Robert Barnard was born in 1936 and died this September 2013.  I wasn’t
familiar with his work and grabbed one on a recommendation.  It was a
lucky library grab—turns out to be the first “crime” novel he wrote.

I’m not sure of the difference between a crime novel and a mystery novel–
I’m a little more comfortable with a mystery I think.  Anyway, this title is
“A Little Local Murder” and they’re the best kind, don’t you think?

It takes place in a small English village with a wide swath of personalities–
all of whom are hoping and scheming to be on a televised show about their
town and the sister town in Wisconsin in the US.  The plot is well assembled,
with no jarring irregularities–reads right along.

There are nasty anonymous letters written  typed on an Olivetti Lettera 36,
which made me remember fondly my own IBM Selectric III electric typewriter.
Why oh why did I ditch that?  Anyway, they are typed, as well as having pasted
bits of newspaper clips–you know the routine.

Barnard’s gentle humor and sarcasm are good companions as we sleuth along
—avoiding the red herrings and trying to figure out who done it.

He’s written about 40 more mystery novels—and there isn’t any particular
order.  Be careful—the next one I grabbed was short stories—but also good!!

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