An Old Christmas Photo

old photo, unknown girls with their dolls ©booksandbuttons

old photo, unknown girls with their dolls circa 1949 ©booksandbuttons

How are your Christmas plans coming along?

hm-m-m .  . .©booksandbuttons

hm-m-m . . .©booksandbuttons

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2 Responses to An Old Christmas Photo

  1. FictionFan says:

    😆 I’m sure it’ll be fine…

    My Christmas gifts will all be bought, not made, this year – oh, the relief!

    • Yes, well, some people never learn. I like to think these
      chicks are half done at least. Of course they must be
      finished in time to be mailed, too! I’m going to start
      early next year. HA HA HA

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